replacing the motherboard on a bricked transformer

i have a bricked asus eee pad tf101 tablet. it gets stuck on the boot loop so it’s been laying around useless for a while and was wondering if i was to go and purchase a motherboard from the exact same model as mine, is there any special procedures i’d have to do to make it work correctly? i noticed when looking for replacement boards, a lot had an id or serial number with it in the description and my motherboard has stickers with the same alpha numerical numbers…..except for the last 3 digits. does that mean anything specific? also i believe this model had a 16 gb and a 32 gb version. does the size have anything to do with the motherboard or is it a seperate component? if mine was a 16gb, would a 32 gb motherboard work in mine or would it know the difference? thanks in advance

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