black screen of death and solid caps lock

I have a asus q502LA laptop and having some issues

My dog was in my computer room and going crazy running around the room and pulled my charging cable out of the wall socket and dropped my laptop. when i booted up, OS loaded up just fine but kept freezing after like 2 mins or when i opened up an application. after several times of booting up it started giving the black screen of death but my mouse was showing up and was functional. After about 5 mins, of trying loading up my screen was remaining black. So i opened up the laptop and noticed that the fan was no longer spinning. I sprayed it with compressed air and cleared out any remaining dust that was on the motherboard to no avail. So i bought a new fan and installed it. I cleaned out the thermal paste and applied new paste and installed the fan. (while installing the fan there was a spark from i’m assuming the metal hitting a capacitor). I did a hard reset on the laptop (unplugging the battery and holding the power button down for 30 secs. plugged up the power supply and tried to boot up but still getting the black screen of death with a solid caps lock. no beep code or anything. I cleaned the RAM and plugged the battery back up and still getting no response from the laptop. Tried to connect the laptop to another monitor to see if i could get access to the UEFI but the signal isn’t transferring to the other monitor. I’ve tried taking out the HDD and booting up and still get nothing on my screen. Not sure what else to do.

Recap of task I’ve done:

Cleaned RAM

Several hard reset on laptop at different time limits(30 secs, 45 secs, 2 mins, and 3 mins)

Disconnect battery and tried booting off the power supply

removed HDD

swapped RAM (not sure if other RAM is compatible. Both ddr3 though.

removed dust

The only other option i can think of is swapping out the motherboard and seeing if it got fried from the swap but I don’t have another one.

Any information would help greatly thanks.

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After noticed fan wasn't spinning, clean, reseated connection etc, there should have been the sentence along the lines of "so I grabbed my multimeter to check some voltages, continuity etc". If there was no multimeter to grab, then instead of buying a new (and probably unneeded fan), the next sentence should have been "so I went and bought a multimeter". If you are interested in repairing electronic equipment the purchase of one of those rascals and learning the basic use of, is absolutely necessary. :-)