Hisense tv black screen but power light is on?

We were given a Hisense Model 50K20P which has worked quite well, was listening to YouTube music via Telstra TV when the screen went black, I thought this may be a sleep function so I only thought to do anything about it later that evening.

I have tried resetting the RCD power board the tv was plugged into, removing the Telstra tv box and DVD player, turning off the power on the tv unplugging the power cable and plugging the cable into another power point, I’ve also tried pressing the source button and changing the input- although I can’t tell what I’m changing it to as I can’t see it, I’ve also tried pressing the sound button. Each time the power indicator light comes on but the screen remains black. Is there hope for this tv to work again?

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Try shinning a flashlight at an angle on the screen with the TV power on. If you seen any signs of video, your backlights aren't working. If that is the case you will have open the TV casing to do voltage measurements, visual inspection etc to determine the source of the backlight failure.