Missing very bad I recently bought this 1998 Sportster XLH 883/1200

Ok I'll try again this site is new to me. I recently bought a used sportster.1998 XLH 883/1200.

I'm finding lots of small issues the biggest being the seller is a LIAR. Supposed to have done top end job replaced pistons and heads with 1200s.

So here's the big problem it misses like really bad needs a new Carb I'm sure. But the biggie is the other day I checked the oil and put in a half quart week later the other half driving daily. So I happen to glance at the rear exhaust and it was wet. Front pipe bone dry. I pulled plugs bone dry no oil at all. So I'm wondering could this be gas and the rear exhaust flange only has one bolt holding the exhaust to the head. Other bolt is broken off inside the head…Just great right? So anyway this is my first Harley and I love it. It's got power like nothing else I've ever rode. Just wish the guy had been totally honest about it's condition. But overall I'm happy but it needs some.TLC. which is why I'm here today..To get on the right track from the pros. Any and all help/info greatly appreciated. Thanks JC

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Have you checked timing or compression? Could be causing misfires.

Good luck!


Thank you for your suggestions I've got it torn apart trying process of elimination. Back cylinder exhaust valve had do much carbon build up around the valve. Where the leak is I'm not sure if the valve is opening and closing. JC