On/off button doesn’t work after taking laptop apart.

I opened my laptop to see how hard it would be to replace battery. When I put back together my on/off button doesn’t work I reopened and didn’t see anything wrong but not sue I understand how the switch works. Button part of switch came off with case when I separated. Didn’t feel exactly right when I put back together.

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One thing you might try, after ruling out misalignment as a source of the problem, is to check switch continuity with a multimeter. Open the unit, unplug the battery and locate where the switch contacts are located. Take your multimeter put it on the continuity or resistance scale setting. After connecting your multimeter leads to the switch connections, depress switch, Audible tone or low resistance reading will indicate continuity is OK, Try a few times to make sure the switch is not intermittent.

Edit: Also if possible see if switch can be activated while the unit is apart (may have to access the actual circuit board it is situated on). If it does activated the computer, then more than likely it's just a re-alignment/missing component problem when re-assembling the unit.