3ds turns on with blue light but the screens are black

Hi, so a while back my 3ds was in sleep mode and charging I can’t recall if i had a game running or not but when i went to open it up the screens were black but you can tell power was going to them. I have had this issue in the past and holding the power down till it rebooted worked fine but this time it did not. I tried to do the trick with the wifi card and carefully took it apart to unplugged the chip but No success. I’m not sure if i should try again or if this is a issue where i’ll need to find a second hand repair store as Nintendo dos’t off any more repairs on the original model 3ds. I did take it to a local shop and he said the top screen was broken but i kinda felt like he was lying to me as it was the smudges that you get from the bottom screen with these older models.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? And if i do have to send it in for repair are there any recommend places in Canada?

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