I need some help solving my USB C port trouble

Yesterday, my port started to misbehave after a power blackout.

I've left the charger plugged into the phone in case the power came back.

After it did, I noticed the LED blinking red like it is charging but, when I opened the phone, the battery icon would change whenever the LED blinked.

Like it is charging but it's being interrupted or something.

From there it went downhill:

1- The headphones lag whenever I plug them in and when I plug them off, the phone still thinks that there are headphones plugged in.

2- As soon as I plug in the charger after the headphones lag, the phone immediately shuts down.

3- If the phone is turned off and I plug in the charger, the phone turns on. It's supposed to only charge and it's weird to do something like that.

Prior to to this problem there were two:

1- Charger: One side fast charge or regular charge and the other is slow charge

2- Headphones: One side excellent sound and the other requires port adjustment for excellent sound otherwise it would be disoriented.

And when I make or receive a call I can hear my voice through the mic. Is this also a problem or just a setting?

I can only charge the phone if the adapter is different (doesn't always work) or if plug the cable into a power strip USB port ( always works).

I didn't test the PC/Phone connection yet.

I have genuine HTC adapter, cable and headphones.

Today I've tried most of the cleaning method throughout various forums and it didn't fix anything.

I have tried the safe boo tand nothing really changed.

So is this a software or hardware problem?

And what should I do?

English isn't my first language so if something I've written didn't make sense please tell me.

Thank you.

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