Audio Lag on chrome

When watching videos on youtube, netflix or other online video websites the audio and video become out of sync, gets the the point whilst watching a video that it is so out of sync the audio is at least a second from video. Reloading and skipping to where was in video currently works to temporarily fix it yet after a few minutes it goes out of sync again (in the same video), ive tested if its the actual pc audio (a hardware problem), dont think it is as downloaded a video and watched it and it didnt go out of sync, ive tried other fixes such as power saving ect. but none are seeming to be working is my PC’s chrome cursed??

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Have you got the latest version of Chrome installed?

Did you try uninstalling and re installing Chrome?

Does it occur on any other browser installed on the PC?


@jayeff I have the latest browser of chrome installed, and have tried reinstalling chrome but that didnt work, I used the microsoft edge browser and the problem didnt occur there only on chrome but dont like the idea of using a browser other than chrome.


try updating your audio drivers first.

care to share on your computer specifications? I know chrome can take up alot of computer resources.


If you use extensions you might try disabling/uninstalling them one at a time and see if any of them are the culprit. There are lots of extensions with flaky side effects.