Why does the game only work when I do this trick?

So when i turn it on the normal way , game in first then switch on , nothing happens.

But when i do it this way , Turn on first , put game in second , turn on then off again. It works!?

I have cleaned everything there was to clean. What may cause this?

May i add if i try it the normal to many times it stops working at all.

The only way to get it working again is to take out the expansion slot and then put in in with the game in it. then turn it on again.

still then the game wont boot unless i do it my way.

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What games do you have?


All the basic games

such as Mario 64, donkey kong, yoshis story, and Goldeneye 007 ect.


Have you tried a different expansion pak?


Yes I have. It seems to not recognize the cartridge unless its inserted when on!