My mike stopped working on my powerBeats 3 wireless headphones.

I am a 68 year old woman. And I got The PowerBeats 3 headphones in March 2018 as I hardly use then because it fills funny in my ears. anyway I had to take them back in November 2018 as they stopped working I was given another powerbeats3 a week or so later as I was told they couldn’t fix mine. Now the ones I got in November the mike stopped working so I could hear the caller but they couldn’t hear me. After only 6 months . That’s not fear to charge $200.00 and I was told I have 2 years warranty from Bestbuy.

now I was told to return them to Apple store where I was told they only have a 1 year warranty and I am not out of warranty and out of $200..00 and no wireless headphones.

i fill ripped off this is not right.

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