Screen will not change, stuck on one image

I have a kindle paperwhite, I believe it's actually the third Gen, but in the same family.

The screen is stuck with the words “upgrade and save on a new kindle device” and some girl is riding a bus staring off into space in the picture below the text

-I have tried a hard reset(both on USB power and off) : power light just blinked a few times both on and off USB power

-I have let it charge for over 5-6 hours and the light just stayed orange, even though it was recently fully charged within a few days prior - tried to hard reset again, power light blinked a few times

-I have taken out the battery and placed it back in, screen stuck still.. hard reset lead to the LED just blinking agian

-I have disconnected the entire motherboard from the screen, disconnected the battery and let the device just sit for a day, replugged everything in, same story

The screen will remain regardless of power being fed to device or if no power fed to device….

Even with all of these things done, the device has never rebooted and the screen still remains constant. I have purchased another Kindle in the time being since I have work trips coming up asap, but was wondering if anyone else has expierenced this.

Is it the battery? The motherboard? Is the internal memory corrupt?

Thanks a ton in advance!!!

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