The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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After changing out instrument cluster oil light comes on

After changing out instrument cluster in VW Jetta Late 1999 model, oil light comes on.

Have tried resetting the oil light according to instructions for this model but light still comes on.

Would appreciate any help.

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Internal short in wiring? Power gremlins? Disconnected wire? Incorrect wiring? Actual low oil?

Remove the new cluster, and check the wiring for any fraying, exposed copper, missing or unplugged connectors. If you have it, compare the old cluster’s wiring to the new one to see if there’s anything different.

Finally, check the oil level. It could be the cluster’s doing its job, telling ya you have low oil.

Good luck!


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