A 15.4" Windows XP laptop released by Dell in 2006

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phoenix bios password no resetting

I like to work on old laptops, so I have a dell inspiron 1501 , it wonrt boot windows so im trying to go to phoenixbios setup utility but it says enter password when I enter 3 wrong passwords it says “09252” I look up online for answers and follow a instruction to remove the bios battery for 15-30 minutes then put it back in I did this twice bu the bios password is still there , also i unplugged and removed the main battery before i followed these instructions

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Hi @fegelein3290

Try this https://bios-pw.org/


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thanks i will try this thank you

ill make sure to update this later

thanky you augustine it worked perfectly


Removing the BIOS battery won’t clear the password on any computer built since the early 2000’s at least since all the BIOS settings are held in flash memory (similar to a USB memory stick) rather than in battery-backed CMOS memory. The battery only powers the real time clock, which will probably revert to Jan 1st in the year of manufacture.

You will have to hunt around, but it’s likely there are 2 distinctive solder pads on the motherboard, maybe triangular and/or with some distinctive marking against them and hopefully visible when you remove a service cover from the base of the laptop. You have to short these together whilst pressing the power-on button, maybe for a minimum length of time, or some such protocol.

But it can be tricky, not only to get the sequence right but also to hold the pads shorted whilst pressing the power button. It’s much easier if you solder a pair of flying leads with a push-button switch on the end to the pads.


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flying leads

flying leads?



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