Produced by HP, this Energy Star laptop has a 11.6 inch display, a 360° hinge, a touch screen, and a quad core processor. This laptop can be identified by its model number, m1-u001dx.

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I dropped my laptop on the floor and it broke the powerbutton

I had dropped my hp pavillion laptop on the floor and it has broke the metal around the power button and will now not turn on. However straight after I did it it was working fine until I shut down but the power button is now jammed in and unable to move so unable to turn back on. Can this be fixed?

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Hi @teenguy24 ,

What is the full model number of your laptop, as the pictures do not match the model number shown by the device icon?


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You’ll probably have to take the motherboard out and then hopefully you’ll be able to see the damage from the inside. You may then be able to reposition the broken parts and secure them with 2-part rapid epoxy glue.


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