Why is my steam generator doesnt produce steam

Dear friends,

I am new in the forum .

I have a GC 8220 steam ironing station, and I have the following problem :

- Button on/off : ON, red light all around, but none of the green lights which are indicating that “no steam”, “less steam”, “medium steam” …etc. are ON-> means no steam in the boiler

- Water tank is full with water

- the anti-calc button (red light) is blinking .

I have done the anti-calc procedure as described in the “directions for use” of the steam ironing station ( mechanically shaking the station many times with a little water inside and than pouring away the water) -> some calcium rests have been seen.

But the red light bling is going on, I suppose that no water in the boiler, because ??? or the pump is not pumping, or the conections “water tank” to boiler is “closed” by calc particles.

What would be your oppinion to be done ?

Thank you,

Adrian from Germany

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