3ds depth slider broke?

I recently found my 3ds, it’s the original one, the serial starts with CW. The depth slider is broken, the light is on but no matter where I slide it, it stays on. This isn’t really a big deal for me? Since I don’t use it that often anyways, but I can’t get past the setup screen that REQUIRES it to work. I factory reset it last night, and regret it.

Ive looked up how to fix it, but I haven’t found anything that really helps? I’ve tried the method of keeping it closed for an hour on the setup screen to see if it skips it, and that hasn’t worked.

Ive tried using a thumbtack to trigger the slider, that didn’t work. I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to hardware, so I could probably take it apart and fix it if I was given step by step instructions.

I’ve been thinking about just taking it to game stop and trading it in, then just buying a used one? But I don’t know how much the used ones go for and I think mine would only get me $20?

Any help, tips, or suggestions is greatly appreciated, thank you guys.

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