Why is my laptop stuck in booting?

So my Lenovo G580 is not booting correctly, It has a little indicator lamp next too the Webcam that used to be on for a few seconds when booting up. Some while ago I dropped the laptop but apart from the backlight of my screen nothing really was broken. I contiued using it with an external monitor I borrought until I got a new laptop. Then it sat still for about one to one and a half year. When I came to the Idea of trying to repair it, the same issue was still present. After opening it up (recording everything I did) and glueing the broken of stands for the monitor hinges back in and repeating all the steps of taking apart in reverse order. I tried to boot it up again but then it didnt even want to turn on again. It just spins the fan and hard drive disk a bit slowing them down after the inital boost but the previeously disappearing webcam light contiues to be on. What could I do to fix it myself (I got an IFIXIT Pro Tech Toolkit for christmas so I should have all the tools I need)

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