Why am I not getting any charge current on my solar controler?

Hi people,

can anyone help……

have a 15ft boat with two batteries. i used to use a couple of trickle charge solar panels, the kind yo get from maplin(oblong plastic red led) i got fed up of having to change them every 12months…water gettin in them ect. Despite these problems, the alwase did there job & when they were working my batteries were always good.

I decided to upgrade them & bought x2 12v 10w solar panels….and x2 12v 10a controlers.

ive wired them directly to each battery independanly.

In daytime iget 20.0v from each panel but on the controllers ive never seen more than 0.1A. batteries are normaly around the 12v mark but today(after the frost) theyve dropped below 12v.

One is a 46ah the other a 70ah

im getting a bit confused with Amps, Watts & Volts?

would upping the cotroller to a 20a increse the charge curent?

ive bipassed the controllers for a test temparely.

think the small ones i used to use where only 2.5w & worked fine.

Would greatly appriciate any help on this as am a bit stuck.


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