Retina MacBook 2015 820-00045a No Power on any power lines

Started off having issues charging and receiving power from charger - now wont charge or receive 14.5v.

I have tried another cable and charger with no luck, power LED on motherboard does not light up with 0v on all rails, as opposed to the common stuck on 5v issue - this is not that. I am getting 0 volts.

As a test I plugged in a normal usbc 5v charger and I get the power LED light on, and I get voltages through the motherboard.

I know that the motherboard and charger need to negotiate the power - 5v or 14.5v, it seems like it knows to turn off 5v, but somehow unable to turn on 14.5v.

I’ve checked for shorts, i cannot see anything obvious, nothing getting hot, but no LED light, no power in any rails.

Anyone have any experience on something similar?

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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