Mini Display port issue

I’m using this laptop but model is GE72 2QL. I was using a external monitor via mini display as my main monitor. At one point of time, the external monitor would lose connection and would reconnect back. I guessed that its the adapter or the cable issue and went to buy a new one, but didn’t work. I’ve tried to contact my local customer service but they didn’t help much, for them to replace the mini display port it would take almost 1 week to do so. I couldn’t be bother to further contact them about it. Any ways to resolve this issue ?

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Hi @chutatliang ,

Can you try another monitor to prove whether the problem is in the laptop or the monitor?

What "adapter" are you using mini DP > HDMI or mini DP > DVI etc?

Has the monitor got different (compatible) input types that perhaps you could try with the appropriate adapter?

As yet it seems that you haven't proved where the problem is, laptop or monitor, you've only verified that the existing adapter was not the problem.


I'm using mini DP > VGA adapter. The monitor only has DVI and VGA port. I have tried to connect the monitor with my mom's laptop and father's desktop both work. I too have tried using an extremely old monitor with my and mom laptop and father's desktop. Both work except for mine.


HI @chutatliang ,


Do you also lose signal to the laptop's screen when you lose signal to the external monitor, if you have both screens showing display?

Can you choose to use the Intel GPU only and see if the problem occurs?

If it doesn't select the nVidia GPU and see if it happens.

(bit confused if the above re the GPU is correct as the specs say nVidia but the drivers VGA download are for both so not sure exactly what you have but you'll know whether there is the one or two installed - look in Device Manager)

What OS is installed in the laptop?