Hubsan H109s FPV not working. Searching for Testpoints and Schematics

I acquired the advanced edition of the Copter myself, but with non-functional FPV.

I've replaced the camera with a GoPro Hero 3 and checked the Cable for continuity as well as adjusted the frequency of the remote, but nothing helped.

I want to repair the copter, but I have several Issues I'm hoping someone here might have an answer to.

-I'm not aware of any test points on the receiver/mainboard I can test. (I'm not sure what is broken (receiver/transmitter)).

-I'm not aware of a proper teardown of the copter.

Do you know where I could find one or the other?

Also: If I'm not able to make a repair, I would like to just use an aftermarket 5.8 GHz transmitter, and I had hopes that I could find the Fpv protocol of the Drone. Maybe you know, if there are compatibles.

And finally: Does someone know the Pinout of the camera? (I'm suspecting AV out somewhere, as well as a way to take photos and videos, and I would really like to maintain those features as remote.

Maybe you(yeah YOU!) can help. I've read some of the forums, but I have found it hard to gain any practical information so far.

I’m even considering documenting the teardown myself now, but i’m afraid that i will mess my quadcopter up. (I have experience in basic repairs and advanced electronics knowledge, but opening something i paid for myself still scares me).

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Hi whats your h109s model?