The HP Pavilion x360 15-bk020wm is a 15.6" laptop with a touchscreen. With Windows 10 operating system, Intel Core i5-6200U Processor, 8GB Memory, and 1TB 5400rpm Hard Drive.

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does anybody know the screw size of my latpop? HP Pavilion 15 AK032TX

Recently i just open my laptop and put it in a plastic bag , and accidentally my daughter just threw it away, now i need to find the replacement of the screws , as i remember it has 2 size of screw , shorter one and longer one , can you help me :(

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As I can't say exactly what it would be. I do have an issue of losing screws. I do have usually keep a stock of extra screws from this

Hasn't failed me yet. Sorry it isn't a solid answer but I don't want to tell you the wrong screws. As I only have an older model of hp.


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