Wireless function not working

Ok, first, about past 3 months, I bought an xbox one s controller including the wireless adapter in the box. Then last month I got an xbox one gen 2 Lunar White edition (gen 1697). The problem is, the second controller I got have been unable to connect wirelessly with the adapter I got when buying the S controller. I have been searching all the solutions and still no go. Wired connection is still working. The xbone s controller can still connect wirelessly with the adapter but not with the Lunar white one.

Oh, and when I tried to sync the controller, after the rapid blinking the controller and the adapter seems to sync to each other for about 2 seconds, and they continue flashing again

I am thinking about changing parts since I lost the receipt which makes it impossible to get a repairment. So, which part do I need to change, a motherboard or a midframe assembly?

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