Why isnt my computer booting?

My desktop booted just fine to the desktop, i opened a folder, and left for like 30 minutes to make dinner. i came back to a black screen, and assumed it was in sleep mode. wiggling the mouse and pressing buttons on the keyboard wouldn’t wake it up, so i tried turning it off. the power button wouldn’t work. i unplugged the pc (it has an external psu, a connector plugs right into the motherboard). when i plugged it back in, it wont post, and there is no usb power. the light in the power button is off, but a green motherboard led is on and the fans spin. things ive tried: using the bios reset jumper, taking out cmos battery for 5 minutes and reseating it, reseating ram, unplugging all devices from usb and motherboard connectors. nothing worked. any help?

Edit: i also tried unplugging it and completely draining the power by holding the power button

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We need the model number of your computer, and Make.

Could possible help then.

HP Desktop pavilion 500-c60


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Ok so just to try to narrow down the issue I have a couple questions that may seem random but I am trying to see if you are having a similar situation I had with my desktop pc.

  1. Are you using windows 10 and more specifically, did you reinstall windows recently?
  2. Does your pc require you logging in prior to booting to desktop?

As you seemingly did alot of troubleshooting prior to posting I don’t want to give you anything else unless it may fix it so your answers to the above would help.


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yes, no it wasnt recent, yes i need to log into windows, but not bios



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