Why a certain website is freezing on loading the page?

I check if the problem is present on a different computer , and from the same router machine. And there is no problem. So the router is not blocked. It must be an IP related blockage. Thank you. Also... I suspected maybe is a special dedicated virus for blocking a website on a specific IP? I scanned my computer with an AV (antivirus) Malwarebytes and nothing is found.

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is it only one website? or do a bunch of websites not work? if it's only one what is the specific website?

hi, its a NSFW type of website and there are a couple of them having the same symptom (loading partially or not at all).

Are you using any ad blockers on your browser or anti-virus on computer? They may interfere with the websites and cause issues like that.

I found the problem - It was from DNS.

Now, I have further problem. In DNS setting , there are 2 options. If I set the first option : "obtain DNS server address automatically", after some time (not immediately after I close and reopen it) the option switch to in the other option : "use the following dns server addresses". I read that the last number over 30 it means security for childrens ,etc.

I have click on "Advanced" button in the same window with DNS options, I go to DNS tab, and there I could see and delete the adress. When I delete it from there, in the firts DNS options, automatically switched to "obtain DNS server address automatically".



The problem is that, again, after some time (not immediately after I close and reopen all these settings) the option switch to in the other option : "use the following dns server addresses". I don't know what is triggering the option to switch back. My impression/guess is that is commuted when I access these types of websites. I didn't made the test yet to be certain of the cause.

Please advice, where could be the main trigger?

Thank you!



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Hello nice to meet you, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache and cookies? Sometimes your browser will store old code and try to re-use it when requesting a website you have been to before. Make sure to clear all of the cache, including: history, cookies, and cached images and files. Make sure you clear the whole history and not just the last 7 days. Hope this helps, talk to you soon


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It sounds like a background running service or process is monitoring your DNS settings and changing them for you. It could also be a group policy set by the domain server. You have to figure out what is changing your DNS settings by investigating the services you have running.

oh, thank you. I will do that.



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