says disks are dirty or damaged, which they not.

My one S is just over 14 months old, wouldn't take any disks today, had to really push them in. So disconnected power cable waited around a minute, powered on, hard reseted, and it started to take disks. But now it says disks are dirty or damaged, which they not. So angry!!! Any help on how to resolve this issue would be great.

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This is not an answer, i'm sure someone here will be able to help you though.

I've had the same issue with systems before, even my wiiU now .. i have an absolutely MINT copy of spatoon in the drive.. and i mean M-I-N-T.

and it keeps saying the disk is dirty, take it out . bla bla, what i found is, there is probably a nicely stuck piece of hair or something that was sucked in, and now sits sOmewhere over the lens , but sometimes it moves out of the way.

grab a can of that air spray stuff, with the extension tube, hold it level with the machine, and blast the bananas out if it Or second to that, if its out of warranty, I'd open it up and do the same, but inspect it too.

Maybe try that, if you haven't already . :)