SSD "Hard disk error" but works fine after BIOS

Hey guys,

I’m reviving a desktop I built a few years ago and trying to clone my hard disk drive over to an SSD. Got a previously unused Intel SSD (SSDSC2BB240G7) which I’ve mounted alongside my current drive but having issues. It’s detected correctly by the BIOS (although hangs up for a long time while scanning it) and then unhelpfully states “SATA2-U Hard Disk Error, Press Del to resume”. If I press Del it enters the BIOS setup:


Size 240gb

LBA supported

Block mode not supported

PIO Mode 4

Async DMA - multiword DMA-2

Ultra DMA-6

SMART supported

all set to auto with 32 bit data transfer enabled

booting from this drive disabled

Any changes I make and the BIOS runs again, same error displayed. If I enter BIOS but exit without making changes, windows boots successfully. I’ve formatted the drive, windows says it’s working properly and a scan disk shows no errors. I can run programs and store new data on the drive no problems

AMI help pdf says under “xxx Hard Disk Error”: The IDE/ATAPI device configured as xxx could not be properly initialized by the BIOS. This message is typically displayed when the BIOS is trying to detect and configure IDE/ATAPI devices in POST. —-but this doesn’t mean much to me!

Could this be a problem with an outdated BIOS not supporting SSD? or is it a faulty drive? Is there a way/is it safe to ignore hard drive error messages and continue using the drive? the problem persists with different cables and different mobo SATA ports.

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