Why is my van idleing rough

Hello I have a 03 grand caravan, I shut it off at the grocery store came it started but the idle was erratic and when you give it gas it acted like it was running out of gas. I put fuel in because it was low, my next stop was gas station any way. Still the same hit the gas and it would almost stall. I used an injector cleaner nothing changed. I got the codes and there were a few, one was a evap small leak, 2 was evap gross leak, 3 pcm read only memory, 4 was 02 sensor ( something about heater in bank 1), 5 was oil metering sensor. Again. It idels really rough and when you give it gas it almost dies. It seemed to be getting really hot and back fired a couple times through the air cleaner. I am looking for ideas before I start changing parts. Unfortunately I'm hard up on cash and can't afford to change parts that wont fix the problem. I was going to change the pcm with a used 1 but can't seem to find 1 thru my local junkyard or the exchange program that links junkyards together. My manufacture date is 4/03 it has about 181,000 miles and ran great up until two weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated and if I find anything out I will be sure to repost what I find, thanks for listening.

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