tigris or tristar? ( how it works ) some strange problem


in facts:

iPhone 6s, no water damage, all is fine but... After every 5 minutes, when screen is off phone is going to kind of loop. Current consumption drops to 0,58-0,62 and oscillating on these values. Nothing work, just hanging. Disconnecting the battery is only helps.The same when charging by wall plug. The exception is when charging by usb (computer).


how it work?

When phone works normally, power supply is implemented by PP_BAT_VCC to Tigris Chip (U2300) which is responsible for generating PP_VCC_MAIN. If the Lightning port is connected, (then Q2300 is "opens") and PP5V0_USB is used to generate PP_VCC_MAIN.

In my case, it looks like Tigris is not working properly. But when "hanging" PP_VCC_MAIN is ok (approx.V=4,2). This leads me to suppose that the circuit PP_BAT_VCC is damaged (somewhere).

Can anyone explain how the PP_BAT circiut works? (in logic)

- thanks

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