The Dell Latitude E7250 was released in 2015 by the Intel Corporation.

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Dell Latitude 7280! does it support PDpower delivery by USB Type-C?

Hello everyone.i have Laptop (Dell latitude 7280)it has USB Type-C port.

My question is does that port support PD ? i am talking about this model exactly..

Thanks in advance

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Hi @kroaton ,

Looking at the service manual (scroll to p.52) I’d say no it doesn’t.

It has a feature called USB PowerShare which allows you to select how much power is supplied by the USB PowerShare port, not that power can be supplied to the laptop through the port which is a feature of USB PD (power can be supplied bothways through the USB port)


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HI ,@jayeff

I read it too. But some model have that feature.i mean PD by Typce-C. do you want to say that exactly Dell Latitude 7280.doesn't have it?

Hi @kroaton ,

As the service manual doesn't categorically state that it has USB PD (it doesn't even mention it) I'd say that it hasn't.

Just because it has USB Type C doesn't mean that that it has USB PD

USB Type-C ports supports max 5V/3A. If USB PD is implemented in a USB Type-C port, it can support the 100W power (5V/20A as defined in the USB PD specification). Therefore, not all USB Type-C ports support USB Power Delivery.

thanks a lot


I have the Latitude 7280 and a USB-C power bank with PD from RavPower. It powers and charges the laptop via the USB-C cable included with the RavPower USB-C PD Power Bank.


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