LED Light Stays Solid Red Even With A Brand New Battery

My M215 wirless mouse battery was dying and after a little while, the battery was completely dead. I bought brand new AA Batteries and put one in the mouse and then the light on the mouse comes on but is solid red even when the mouse power button is off. No matter what battery I put in the mouse, the light will come on and only stay red. Switching the mouse power button on and off doesnt work either.

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Hi @louisc12

Can the mouse still works?

Use a finger to block the optic sensor and move, does the red LED lights blinks a little when there is movement?


Its not the optic light on the bottom of thr mouse, it is the battery light LED on top.. its supposed to turn green when you put the mouse on when there is a good battery but no matter what battery you put in, the light stays red even when the mousr power switch is off. I put a brand nee battery in and the light comes on amd is red and doesnt change if turned on and the mousr doesn't do anything