Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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3ds is currently bricked, looking for sd card fixes

So, I've got a fire emblem awakening special 3ds, and the hinge on the outside left cracked. I ordered a new bottom case to try to fix it myself but may have messed things up in the process.

Right now, the 3ds is bricked, won't turn on for more than 2 seconds, with the screens being black, and the popping sound heard before the device shuts off.

When I was trying to replace the case, two main things happened: the sd card slot, which is the type soldered into the motherboard on the side, broke off. There could also potentially have been damage to the upper lcd screen ribbon wires (I'm not sure about these though).

The system is bricked, and I'm just wondering if the 3ds can still work even though the sd card slot isn't soldered in anymore. It can still be attached with the ribbon cable, but could still possibly move around somehow. Is there some way to fix the sd card slot without soldering it back into place?

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have you tried wiggling the wifi chip off carefully but keeping the wire on and then putting it back?

don't know whether this will fix it, but apparently being bricked and having the 'black screen of death' are the same thing and have the same fix.


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