Lobotomize it and use it only as a powered speaker?

I find the Echo more annoying than helpful but this is probably because I haven't set up the unit with all the permissions it wants (as I simply do not trust it after reading about how it sent a recorded conversation to a friend of the owner without the knowledge of the owner).

One might reasonably ask why I bought it. Well, it was gifted to me and can't be returned so I'd like to make the best of it.

So...I'd like to add an "audio IN" port so I can plug in a phone or radio or CD player and remove power from the "motherboard" so that Alexa has been lobotomized.

Althernatively, I know I can bluetooth a phone to the Echo but maybe I can disable the Echo's WiFi (using the Alexa app?) so my phone (an old Nexus 7 I've dedicated as a music player) is the audio source and Alexa can't contact the mothership in any manner.

>>>>>[Edit: Did the above but, even with the "shut up and stop listening" button enabled in the top, Alexa keeps talking when, for example, there's a glitch in the Bluetooth connection - making sounds and telling me when BT is reconnected.]<<<<<

What do you think? Suggestions welcome.



>>>>>[Edit: Wiped all recording history at the Amazon site and unplugged the echo from power. Now will attempt to lobotomize the beast and make it a "powered speaker". Failing that, it goes into the garbage.]<<<<<

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