The adjustable band on the right ride of my beats won’t slide back up

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The adjustable band on the right side of my Beats solo3 wireless headphones won’t slide back up. It seems to have overextended and could be caught on something? The audio and Bluetooth connection still works perfectly, just can’t get the side to slide back into place. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it??

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I had the same issue the only thing different is that mine was on the left side.

Get a pry tool to get under the out side cover of the headphones.

I don’t how it is set up on the right side, but if you doing the left side be careful of the wires since all the cables for the buttons are there.

I recommend to start prying up in the round part, since the band part is thinner and it might break easily since is not loose yet.

Once you open it, place the metal slide back into the track and snap everything back into place. Make sure you don’t have the headphones extended when you putting the outside cover back into place


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I have the same problem on the left side as well what is a pry tool do u think maybe u can send me a video example on how to


The same thing just happened to me, did u find a solution?


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I’m having the same issue


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