Can I repair sun damage to oculus cv1 screens with graphite?

Had some bad luck yesterday and my CV1 lenses were exposed to strong sunlight for a few seconds and the screens took some damage.

The light has produced small bright spots on the screen which are smack in the middle and thus very noticeable.

The pixels in the affected area are still working however they appear much brighter than the rest. Which seems to me like the coating on the surface of the screens has lightened perhaps?

After swearing loudly and calming down again, I had the idea of very very carefully using a pencil to deposit layers of graphite on the affected area to darken the pixels so they blend in better. The results are unlikely to be perfect but it could surely make it less noticeable?

Is this a daft idea or does anyone else think it might work?

If anyone has any better ways of going about this then would be glad to hear them!

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