iPhone 6 screens short

Hi guys,

I'm technician (level one) and have been doing general repair for 1 years, I have done many screen swap repair and recently started doing refurbish screen repair, now I'm running into this issue with iphone 6 screens so I have 3 phones 6 that I use to test screen, two days ago screens start shorting for no reasons, I always disconnect batteries before I take our screens, now for some reason when I put OEM screens they wont work but when I tried after markets they do work fine, I tested one screens on my mate phone and was working and then test on my phone was working swapped out and put back for mins then started showing distort colors then dies, I dont have good knowledge in board repair but I'm assuming the phones are shorting screens, I'm ware of screens circuit and they look ok, I know it sounds strange but its acutely making me go crazy as it happening on 3 iPhone 3 at once, whats the possibility that the iphones are shorting screens? please help me.

Thank you in advance

Update (05/02/2018)

If the back light was damaged shouldnt it not light up at all?

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