No fade-out while putting Mac on sleep mode.

When you make your Mac sleep, usually the display will fade until it goes off. Recently I had to reset the PRAM and SMC because I was having connectivity issues, and ever since then, it goes straight to a black screen without fading to off. I will press sleep and it will immediately turn black, no fading no nothing, but it does wake normally.

It also has a shut-down problem which I know happens to a few other Mac users I know, so I'm not so concerned about that, but this has made me extremely nervous (me being the anxious person I am) and I'd like to know if there's a quick and safe fix.

I read something to turn the fade OFF but I'm not sure how to turn it back on.

Can someone help me? Every time I put it to sleep I feel like it's just gonna die on me, and I just got it.

Also can someone tell me why it's not fading into sleep?

I'm not sure how to explain it, but if you have a Mac and make it sleep, usually it should fade into the black screen. Mine just turns from my desktop and turns black.

Also I do have warranty, but again, being the anxious person I am, I'm terribly nervous.

There is no physical or water damage, no dents, nothing. I take good care of this computer although it does get warm from time to time.

I shut it down every night before bed, but I read I shouldn't do that unless it's not going to be used for 36 hours or more, which I use it on the daily.

I've also gotten all the recent software updates and it's currently running MacOS High Sierra, in case any other information was needed.

Please please please someone help!

I don't know too much about Mac notebooks (other than the history of them) so I don't plan on playing around with it and figuring it out by experimenting.

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I have the same problem. I believe its the High Sierra update of April 4th that is causing this. I wish I knew how to solve it. but maybe in another update is gonna fix itself


I've only had problems running the public release of High Sierra in the past, which is why I've used Sierra almost ever since High Sierra 10.13.1 was released.

I won't say High Sierra isn't worth installing but I just experienced TOO many bugs with 10.13.1, that I've never seen again since I downgraded.

I'm waiting for 10.14 before I "upgrade" again.


Good- not just me. I was worried sick, I recently updated it because I like to keep it up to date but didn't notice it until I started putting it to sleep. I do have High Sierra and the April 4th update.


Sorry, I mean the March 31st update. I updated it the day it came out if that's what you mean @pablopizzaro