A 14" business laptop by Lenovo.

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2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD) - problem with motherboard

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been getting this problem when booting the computer: "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD). Press Esc to continue". I used to press Esc and then the computer would boot normally, but the other day when I booted the laptop I just got a black screen and nothing reacting (even if the power button had light, but it would not even switch off). As I did not know what to do, I took the laptop to a technician.

He was trying another hard drive in the laptop to see whether it was a problem with my HDD or with the connector of the motherboard and concluded that the problem was the motherboard and it had to be changed. Basically, the connector is a bit loose, so the HDD moves a bit, what causes the connection problem. As it is quite a lot of money, I decided to take the laptop home and try to figure out a solution.

The solution that I have found is to place two cotton pads from the ones used to remove make up below the HDD, then installing the HDD and place another cotton pad in between the HDD and the sponge that is inside the case. With the added pressure of the pads, the HDD does not move and everything works fine so far. However, I feel that this solution is not the best one. So, I was wondering whether you have better ideas.

Is there any other solution that you can think of so the HDD does not move or to fix the connector without changing the motherboard?

Can you suggest other materials that may be better than a cotton pad?


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I see many comments about the HDD error, and I agree with you that it is in many instances being caused by a loose HDD connection. Not sure cotton balls is the answer, but it is definitely a design flaw because the plastic cover for the HDD slot does not hold the HDD firmly in place. Lenovo should provide a replacement cover for the HDD slot with more cushion so the HDD does not come loose.


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If you can, you can re-flow or change that connector,

Otherwise quick solution is to buy a dvd to hdd or dvd to ssd caddy and throw in the ssd or hdd. You can buy another usb adaptor or enclosure for that dvd drive.


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Thanks for your answer!

I did't know I could change the connector without changing the motherboard? How can I do that?

First you need a replacement connector part . You need to buy a heat gun to do it, or you can do it with flux and soldering iron,but might be more difficult. You need small precise tools. You need to put a lot of attention to do it. If you plan to heat more important parts you must buy a good head-gun , but if you just get one for the connector, you can buy cheaper one. You need to buy one with variable temperature. Its very important, because otherwise you will melts the logicboard. There is a lot of professionals that can do it , that may not charge you a lot for it.

The cheaper solution is the dvd caddy...

Thanks for the clarification!


Answer is very simple. Remove the battery and put it back again. It works. Same thing happened with me. I could fix it same way.


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Yep that worked. I got the error after I upgraded my bios and it wasn’t seeing HDD0 for some reason. Read this, pulled the battery and came right up. Thanks !!


Hey, had the same issue. Pulled the battery out. It worked. Thanks



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