How do I fix my completely screwed up Xbox One S?

So, roughly 2 to 3 months ago, my Xbox One S was thrown from a window a story high. It landed in snow and took a hard fall. I immedietly put it in a grocery bag and was going to take it to a electronic repair store, but I couldn't get a ride. So, I laid it on my floor and let it dry for a few hours. When it was surface dry, I plugged it in to my TV, and the picture was small and grainy. The fan sounded very wet and no sound came out of my TV, only the headphone plugged into my controller. A few days later, I plugged it back into everything, the Xbox turned on, but nothing showed up on my TV. I kinda just gave up on trying to fix it, but I'm bored all of the time now. Please tell me how I could possibly save my Xbox.

P.S. When ever I move the Xbox, it sounds like something broke off and is moving inside of it.

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