The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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What’s my issue: I/O Board, I/O Board Flex Cable or Logic Board?

Hi guys,

My MacBook stopped charging one day, and the Apple store said it was due to corrosion around the I/O and/or main logic board and likely there was no hope to fix it. I was told it was probably moisture got drawn in through the fan... to clarify, I’ve never spilt anything on it.

Anyway, I decided to try repair it myself as it’s out of warranty and I got quoted £550+VAT for the repair! I’ve dismantled it completely and carefully cleaned all the components with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. I did notice some slight corrosion on the underside of the logic board. After drying it out, I’ve reassembled it.

It still won’t work, however I’ve noticed that if I plug in the MagSafe charger (no light shows) and unplug the I/O flex cable, the fan runs and the computer starts up and I get a weird screen (will try upload a photo).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

But with the flex cable connected, absolutely nothing.

Long story short, can I determine if the damage is to the logic board, the I/O board or the I/O cable?



Update (02/18/2018)

I've managed to get my MacBook to turn when plugged in and the I/O cable is not connected. I still get no light on the Magsafe charger, and the computer is running slow with no audio etc, however I can still use it pretty much as normal. As soon as I connect the I/O flex cable, the computer turns off. Likewise when I disconnect the power, it does the same.

Does this sound like an issue with the I/O board itself perhaps?


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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What do you mean the you get a weird screen? How about posting a snap so we can see what you're facing here. 在已经存在的问题里加入图片

Hi Dan,



OK, not sure it's showing you the Bluetooth mouse or trackpad. Is your keyboard and trackpad not working?

Correct. Presumably this is because the I/O flex cable isn’t connected..?

No, the I/O cable does not effect the onboard USB hub (USB2) for the keyboard & trackpad.



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Any luck with the USB keyboard & mouse so you can run diagnostics? Or is the system now working enough so you can run diagnostics without them.

Lets try this in the meantime, review this Apple T/N: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters. Lets make sure the MagSafe cord and the connector interfaces are in good shape and you have the correct adapter for your system.

As far as replacing parts sure you can replace the I/O board and its cable but I fear you really have a main logic board issue as you clearly are getting power from the MagSafe to the logic board. So replacing these parts I don't think will ofter any benefit at this time.

I would download these two apps:

  • CoconutBattery which will allow you to see whats going on with your MagSafe charger, the battery & the charging logic.
  • TG Pro it will allow you to see whats happening with the thermal sensors & fan.

I'm suspecting the reason why your system is running slow is the fact the CPU is running in safe mode as it thinks the system is over-heating.

All of the symptoms so far are pointing to a major logic board failure due to corrosion which has shorted out different sub systems on it: SMC (power & thermal) as well as PCH (USB & CPU)

Update (02/20/2018)

Here's what the error mean. Not there is no PPN001, I think you meant PPM001 Apple Diagnostics: Reference codes

  • PFM006 - There may be an issue with the System Management Controller (SMC)
  • PPM001 - There may be an issue with a memory module
  • VFF001 - There may be an issue with the audio hardware

If you had one error we could try to resolve that. but it looks like the board is to far gone with three errors!


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help and sorry for the slow reply.

Managed to run diagnostics,

Got 3 potential errors:

- PFM006

- PPN001

- VFF001


The error was infact PPN001 (an issue with the power management system), see my photo above.

I appreciate all your help, I am going to continue to try resolve the issue somehow!

I guess my error listing is outdated ;-}

Sorry guy ;-{ This is going to take a lot of TLC by someone who knows this board quite well. I think I would just swap out the logic board at least get it working and then see if you can get yours fixed.


Have you managed to find out what was the issue ? I have the same problem with my Macbook Air 2015


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@macpra - How about posting some diagnostic info like Billy did. In his case his logic board had a failure within the SMC logic. Depending on what you show us you may have a different problem which might be easier to fix.


Hey, BRO i just got an solution to no audio and slow mac running problem. Today i faced the same problem of charger not charging and mac running slow and no audio. My mac's under plate screws were missing so i decided to look in it. So i found a a cable conector was not connected , so i tried connecting and VOILA it worked and now mac is running normally.


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