2004 Mustang electrical power loss

Hi, my 2004 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition is giving my wife probs. Sometimes when you get in and turn the key everything goes dead.... Mess with it and turn the key and all that is everything is still dead, I mean not even a light on. If you go mess with the wires on the battery then try to start it, it'll turn over fine and everything works again.... There are no loos connections!! I have looked. Sometimes you'll get a funky ding when the car acts up too, but jiggle the wires and it works... Have even tried to jump it and still nothing! Anyone have any ideas??



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When looking at your battery terminals, do they look crusty? Could be corroded terminals. If you have to jiggle the wires, then I'd suspect corrosion or faulty battery. Have you checked your battery voltage at rest, should be around 12v. And while running, should be around 14v. If lower than 14v either your battery can't hold its charge or you have a charging fault. If just corrosion, clean everything up then give it another go.


Mine does the same thing! Although I did have a bad alternator, the problem still exists


Not sure what to do