RPM going up and down when I decelerate?

My computer has been telling me that I needed to flush the transmission well I have not done that yet and I think it's 900 miles over the limit all of a sudden this morning when I decelerate it revs up and then it'll drop back down when I pull over and cut the car off and let it rest for a while it'll be okay to drive again for like 20 more minutes and then I have to do the same thing let It rest now it's like stuck in second gear and I can't force it over 3 RPMs cuz I'm scared it's going to blow something up somebody please help me

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What speed and RPMs is it at when it revs?


It's when coming to a stop around 25-30 miles an hour and then the RPMs will jump from like 1 and 1/2 all the way up to 3 and it'll jerk real hard and now I think it's just stuck in second gear cuz I didn't want to force it


Automatic or manual transmission?


Automatic but it has manual trans too