The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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Motherboard is dead, can I recover files?

I recently had my phone die (would not turn on) and took it to a repair place. They said the tried replacing the USB port and were still not able to get it charging/powering on. I have also tried this method, where you use bare wires to charge/power the phone via the wireless charging contact pins, however this also did not power or charge the phone. So I suspect the motherboard is just dead.

However, I have some important information that I wish to recover from the phone if possible. Can I recover files by removing the appropriate storage chip components on the motherboard and soldering them onto a new, working motherboard? I do not have the soldering skills to do this but in principle it should be possible. Whether it would actually allow me access to the files or not is another matter.

I am also wondering if Google Authenticator would still work or whether it would consider itself to have a new MAC address or something and therefore throw an error. Basically getting access to some accounts via Google Authenticator and retrieving some contacts/photos is the majority of why I would attempt to do recover the phone data.

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Your data is recoverable either by repairing your device or via a "chip-off" recovery technique. The first requires a micro-soldering repair while the second involves removing the NAND memory IC and using specialized tools and software to recover the data directly off the chip.


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Thank you for this helpful answer. Do you know if this will allow recovery of a Google Authenticator account? Also, what sort of price might these repairs cost from a reputable technician?

Price will vary quite a bit, I would suggest around 300$.


What cause deleted excel files? The most common reason as follow: deleted accidentally, reformat set and so on. The reason why these files are not completely erased from your device’s storage after you delete them is very simple. It is very easy and less time consuming for your device to delete a file’s pointer and make its space as available. It is however very difficult and time consuming for the device to completely overwrite the data. Therefore Android and other systems opt for the easily and fast deletion of the file’s pointer rather than deleting the file itself.

If you want to completely erase the file, a file-shredding tool is useful. Let’s Fonedog Data Recovery to recover deleted files with some easy steps.


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but who i recover data photos contact and recordings if mobile motherboard is replaced by another’s


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