A1706/EMC 3071—于2016年11月上市,这台13''MacBook Pro带有OLED触摸条。以双核“Skylake”英特尔酷睿i5 CPU和4个雷电3端口为特征。

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Display flex Cable is corroded in search of replacement

I have taken apart my MBpro TB and found that 2 or 3 gold connectors have corroded on the flex cable connecting the display to the motherboard.

Not the separate display mobo but the cable coming from the motherboard. That is connected to underside and display assembly.

After cleaning MacBook out i tried reversing the connection to rule out screen being faulty. Nothing. Anyone have a spare flex cable? Willing to pay all shipping for it.

Or anyone know a trustworthy medium that would sell just the cable?

update: added pictures


Block Image

bottom MB

Block Image

LCD Ribbon

Block Image

LCD port

Block Image

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所有超过US$100或包含 Pro Tech工具包的订单免费送货!




Sounds like you need to replace the flex cable, no? https://www.ebay.com/i/132408057873?chn=...


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Thank you for your answer AllenWilson33!

But wouldnt this ( https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-LCD-Display... ) be the better alternative just because it actually looks like the ribbon? Thanks for the heads up though I had searched eBay but with the wrong search terms it seems.

You know your cable best. I work in SEO so I'm glad my brainstorming helped get you closer to the right query. I was going to note that the rubbing alcohol should be 90% but you are using 99% haha!

You are also correct about q-tips being no bueno.

Hair driers are also verboten in my book because of the possibility that you might heat up soldered components (or melt plastic in this case.)

I'm not a purist or even a very careful repairman with cars or computers, and i don't always take these precautions for the sake of convenience, but if you take these type of shortcuts on say, 1,000 repairs, you are bound to experience catastrophic loss of the device at least a few times, if that makes sense.

Replaced the cable yet the display won't turn on again. Already ordered another cable in fear of having fried this one too. That or maybe the (display-)motherboard has giving up on the connection?

Sounds like the graphics card might be shot out, in effect rendering the logic board dead until the GPU is replaced (by a shop that has the automated computer /laser/whatever-they-use machine for such work. )

If I'm not mistaken, the litmus test for that is whether you can power external display or not.

Have you tried booting to external?

I am now typing on the MacBook Pro whilst being connected to my living room TV. Did a cmd-D boot and it responded with there might be a display problem DV001. So the display is lost I assume. Nothing else out of the ordinary.



Before replacing try cleaning with rubbing Alcohol and then dry really well and try again.

If you have any questions or concerns please comment below! Thank you


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I have had removed the flex cable and put in 99% alcohol to remove any corrosion. After letting it soak for two hours I put it out to dry for a day. Just now before posting the q reassembled my MacBook to no avail. I fear the connections are fried on the flex ribbon. If needed I can post pictures of the cable.

Can you please Post pics I might have an idea depending on how bad it is

Have you tried q-tips and rubbing alcohol or try to pick out with so tweezers that might help

Would you mind checking this thread tomorrow? I know for sure I’m able to tear down my laptop tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help Walker Young

Yeah that’s fine I get notafactions if someone post on here so yeah that’s fine



Nice, i washed this little flex cable and the connector on the mobo, and everything just worked. did not expect that


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