All-in-one indoor security device released in 2015. The Canary CAN100USBK is a Wi-Fi enabled 1080p camera that comes with a 90 decibel siren.

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Disabling the LED light ring

Is there an easy way to disable the led light ring on the base of the unit please?

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I just bought a All in one. Bummed that it does not work in a window looking outside due to IR lights glare. I also wondered about white light on bottom. Am thinking of covering it with electrical tape. Careful not to cover anything on the bottom. I did put tape over the IR lights, but that defeats the ability for night vision. I guess I am asking the device to do something it is not designed to do. Most likely will be returning it.

Canaryman, what did you end up doing?


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If you mean the red one that you only see when it is kind of dark, I believe that is the night vision.

"Those small red lights around the CCTV cameras are called IR LED or simply infrared LED. They're used to supply lighting for security cameras to see in dark and low light conditions which are turned off at day

time." -Quora


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Thanks for your response Aiden but i meant the white ring on the underside of the unit which is a bit of a giveaway if anyone broke in.

Well, keeping it would notify potential thieves that you have a camera and that could scare them off. Much like those signs people have in their yards to say they have an alarm system. those signs scare potential thieves away. just showing you have security measures set up could avoid a potential robbery!

Thanks once again Aiden.

I would however like to know if there is a method to disable the light ring rather than whether it should be disabled or not.

ah yeah. Sorry. according to the manufacturer's website, there's an app. but if you cannot disable it there, that's poor design on their part and you may have to cut a wire.

If you don't want to permanently disable it Probably just cover it with duct tape.



I found this: maybe that couod help


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