Speaker Not Working - Moto X Play XT1562

My mother had dropped her Moto X Play XT1562 a few stories down along the stairs shattering its display. I bought a new Display with Frame from Aliexpress and changed the display myself. After I changed the display, phone rebooted and is okay till now but the Speakers have stopped working. There is no Audio for mp3s or mp4s. Also there is No (very very very faint) voice audible during phone call but mic is okay and person at the other end can hear me clearly.

During dislodging the battery with a sharp-edged screw driver, I had scraped off some of the thin black film placed below it.

Does it have anything to do with Speakers?

Have I messed up something during reassembly? What can be the affected part? I placed everything in place as it was, hence can't find the fault.

PS. Past History: I have experience of opening up one phone previously. A Nexus 5 which was even worse shattered and replaced full body frame and lcd. During disassembly I realized that motherboard had few pieces detached (maybe already or due to my negligence) and it just didn't start up after reassembly.

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