A1706/EMC 3071—于2017年6月上市,这台13''MacBook Pro以可升级至3.5Ghz酷睿i7动态超频至4.0GHz的Kaby Lake处理器为特征。

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Replacement bottom "chin" bar under display?

Unfortunately, I cracked the metal chin bar below my screen on my 2017 MacBook Pro touch bar, 13". It cracked since I put some stapled papers in my laptop and when I closed the screen, I heard a crunch noise and the stapler broke some of the metal chin bar under the display.

Is there anyway I can replace just this bottom bar piece? If anyone is confused what part I am referring to, it is the bottom bar below the display that is metal and has the "MacBook Pro" text. I'm very frustrated I did this to my laptop on accident. I hope there's a way I can fix it without having to replace the entire screen assembly...

If it is replaceable, how hard is it to repair? Or how costly?

Here's a picture uploaded if anyone wants to see the specific damage:

Block Image


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Are you sure its metal? It looks like cracked glass to me.

The crack definitely looks like the material is glass. But I'm pretty sure the bottom bar below the MacBook display is metal, it feels different. I could be wrong. It doesn't really matter what material it is, I'm just wanting to fix it. I hope it's a fixable thing and not a whole-display replacement which costs easily $600-800+

Looks like glass damage to the screen. You will likely have to replace the display.


So would it be able to get repaired? because this happened to me last night and so worried that the repairs will costs heaps!

Dude it's made of glass and it's called a "Logo Baffle". They sell them on eBay and they take around 10-20 minutes to fix by yourself



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Yes it's possible; it's separate from the LCD, you need to heat it and use a thin sharp tool (painting knives work well) to slide underneath it. Start at the non-broken side and work your way across. Make sure all shards are gone, then fit a new one, which you can find here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-orig...

Sometimes it comes with new adhesive. If not, just apply some 3M 9088 double sided adhesive or something equivalent


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Wow, thanks! Do I need to remove the screen to do this repair? If so, how difficult is it to remove the latest MacBook screen? I might try to do this DIY repair, since it's cheap.

You can do this without remove the screen assembly (depends on the tool) but it is easier to remove the lid first. It's a bit more difficult to remove this than the older models, but it's still fairly easy; there should be a guide on this website

Okay! As someone who is a complete beginner for this type of stuff, is this something I can do if I buy the right tools and follow the guide correctly? Or would you advise against a beginner doing this type of repair? Also, I have the 2017 model, would the link of the replacement part you sent me work for my 2017 MacBook even though it says 2016 on it?

Sure, you just have to make sure you are using a tool which is thin enough to avoid damaging the screen, and be careful. There are no guides on doing this in particular (replacing the bottom glass), but it is pretty straightforward. It is the same part as used on the 2017 model, so there are no problems there.

Okay. Could you provide a link for a tool that is meant for a job like this? So the step-by-step would be: Heat the far left of the bar, begin to pry it, and continue to heat and pry all the way to the broken side, then remove it all, clean it off, and place the new one in? I'll have to buy the pry tool, a small DIY heat gun, and the replacement part!



If i do not replace the chin will it harm the screen?

Please reply ASAP..


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If i do not replace the chin then will it harm the lcd of the macbook? please reply ASAP..

No it won't harm the screen. It just won't look as nice!


Ouch! Apple doesn't offer the logo plate as a separate part as its welded to the displays cover glass. Apple doesn't offer the discreet parts only the complete display assembly.

All you'll find from the parts houses is complete assemblies presently. Sometimes discreet parts become available as time progresses.

Here's the part you'll need: PowerBookMedic - Display assembly (silver) P/N 661-05324. We don't have a guide yet but the IFIXIT teardown: MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2017 Teardown Should get you a good idea whats involved.


Good news the chin plate is now available from quite a few sources!


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It looks like it would be cheaper through Apple as they charged $450 to replace the whole screen. Meh. I'll just keep it as is.


Is there any step by step to how get off the old logo baffle and putting on a new one? Instructions by a youtube video?


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https://youtu.be/sTpwRuVlKtY?t=1014 I just looked at this part of a screen repair video and followed that exactly. Careful not to heat too much as there are screen connections underneath.



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