iPhone 6 Q1403 - Help plz

Hi guys. I have iphone 6 , dont turn on.

When i connect it with DC power supply, i listen immediatly beep sound.

If i put out q1403 IC, and check it with dc power supply, no beep sound.

I tried to reball and change q1403 ic, but the problem is same.

I m sure i soldered it perfectly. Anybody can help me plz.


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its possible that q1403 is fine but the short is on 1 of the lines that runs through it. how many amps does the power supply show when you have it plugged in


also was there any visible damage like liquid damage, did it just die etc. the more we know about it the better


thanks Daniel. I didnot try to on the phone, so the amp doen't show any value. I check with multimeter in diode mode the coninuity in all pads (with ZXW) and everything is well.. The phone is not water damage. My client car passed on the phone :) but the moterboard visibily is not broken,


if amps doesnt show on dc power when plugged in it doesnt sound like it has a short, did you try pmic


When i was looking for shortage, first i put out Both Pmic,and then q1403. Only after putted out q1403 beep sound stop. Now start put in All ic’s One by one, but when put in q1403, Dc power beep. I have no New ic and try with used ic’s with damage motherboard. I order New ic and try with them.