A1708/EMC 3164—于2017年6月上市,这台入门级MacBook Pro保留了它的传统功能键(相对于OLED触控条)。

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Black shadows from the bottom of the screen

I bought my MacBook Pro 2017 in September and after a month or so of use I got my display like in the photo. I called the support and even after all of the possible "software" actions they can't solve my problem, so it appear to be hardware related.

Anyone has something like that? How they solved your problem?

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Hi. May I know if you have resolved your issue? I am currently experiencing the same problems with my Macbook Pro with Touch Bar late-2016 model. I am out of warranty by just three months.

Same issue. Started having the stage light effect on my Macbook Pro Late 2016 non-touch bar just a few days after the warranty

Similar issue for 2016 MBP 3 months after warranty. Shame on Apple seems to be an issue with the cable. Ill try and sell it or else order from ifixit and fix it myself.

I have the same issue Late 2016 Model touch bar

I am having the SAME issue. A few months out of warranty. I'm soooo disappointed.



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You need to get your system repaired under warranty! You have a backlight driver failure or the backlight within the display is bad. Did you speak with Apple directly? I find it hard to believe they lead you astray here as this is so new a system.

If you damaged your system some how I would strongly recommend you buy the AppleCare + option. While it won't help you if you got your system wet these newer systems are harder to service as there is just fewer replaceable parts which are expensive if you have to get this service out of warranty or service contract.


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They told me I have to take the Mac to an assistance service it is under warranty and I did nothing to damage the system. This problem doesn’t occur every time I restart the computer, sometimes it takes a week to appear again so I will have to give the computer until they see it with their own eyes the screen like in the picture. The guy told me it can take even e month or more! So I’m trying to find more experienced support. It is so frustrating, I work with my mac and to have no concrete support after one month is incredible.

Do you know I can I stress the system to make it appear?

The best thing you can do is take a movie (or pics) using your cellphone place them on on your system on the desktop so they can easily be found. Make sure all of your stuff is copied off (backed up) and remove anything thats too personal.

I hope you have not only your purchase paperwork but all of your visits documented to whomever you spoke to. The more paperwork the better here! Make sure you have copies to give to Apple

Once you have the evidence go to an Apple Store (make a support appointment) and ask to speak with the service manager so you can show them the issue. They should give you a replacement system. As this is a manufacturing defect.

As how to force the system into this state I suspect it maybe heat that will push it. I would first install a good monitoring app like TG Pro you'll need to full version here at you want to enable logging. What you want to do is keep a clock nearby so you can take note of the exact time the event happens then review the log file to see what sensor is running hot.

To push the system you could try blocking the air ducts just don't do it too long here. And, you'll want to run something that pushes the CPU & GPU hard.

Thanks a lot for the time you spent to write me back. I really appreciate. When I called Apple they told me that the system won’t be replaced, but fixed. It is not a problem, the only thing I need is a working computer.

I’ll write updates here in the coming days.

Thank you!

After so many days still I have not received a decent support by Apple. They keep on telling me that I have to wait, or to take the MacBook Pro to a service provider and when I do so they call me back to tell me that the engineers have not reached a final decision and that I have to take the computer back until they decide. This is more than frustrating, never imagined that apple care was like that. I posted a video of my problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6cRdY4q...

In the end they changed the display. There is no way to spot a single component failure, they had to change it completely.



I also have a 13’ retina MBP with touch bar. It started with the stage light at the bottom of the display and the next day the screen would’t light up. After chatting with Apple and doing all the software check, I realised that if I opened the laptop slowly it did start, and then I connect it to an external display and the Macbook itself works perfectly. No problem whatsoever. But if I open the top further than 40 degrees, then the display goes black (but the machine keeps on working and displaying in the external screen). The technicians I talked to didn’t have a clue. I took it to an authorised agent here where I live (Uruguay, South America) and they want to replace the whole display at a cost of U$D 600. Of course I said no. I am travelling to the States shortly and will take the computer to Apple and see what happens. I hope they find a solution shortly because this is a late 2016 MBP that I bought early 2017, and not expecting it to have any problems. I have been using Mac for 10 years now and never a problem!


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I also have a late 2016 MBP with touch bar. My problem has been with the stage-light effect (shadows casting out from the bottom of the screen) after reading your post I tried opening the screen slowly and the screen worked fine until about the 40 degree angle. Each time it stops working at a different point, the farthest being close to 70 degrees. Please keep us updated with what you find out.

I have the same problem, and unfortunately my warranty just out, please update the solutuin because it is so expensive if I have to replace my sreen

same here. can use it now as a fixed computer on a monitor :(

any update? I have the same problem.

hi, this is a common problem. An affected customer Alex has started a petition on change.org for the same issue. Pasting the link https://www.change.org/p/apple-fix-all-m...


Wow I just had the exact same issue on my MBP Late 2016 with Touch Bar now. This must be a common hardware issue with some of their Late 2016 batches as the pattern is clearly there. I'm just 2 months out of my warranty and guess how much they quote me to fix it? $600. We already paid top dollars for this supposedly premium hardware. Shame on you Apple! They had battery problem right from the beginning with this model but I decided to stuck around to support them. They would be crazy if they think they'll get more money from me. I'm moving to Dell XPS.


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FYI, I just got mine fixed at a Macbook repair shop in Saigon, Vietnam (big shout out to Laptopblue.vn or Applefix.vn). The most amazing thing was they found out that only the display cable was damaged, absolutely nothing was wrong with the LCD screen itself. They did a great job and my screen is working as good as new again. The cost was $50.

Prior to going to this shop, I went to two Apple Authorized Service Providers and they both wanted me to replace the entire display assembly as some of you here had encountered. I suspect this was a strategy employed by Apple to extract more money from their loyal customers. Shame on you Apple!!! I will never buy another device from them ever again.

I know some of you may encounter this issue in the future. You don't need to replace the LCD, you'll just need to fix the display cable. Don't give Apple $600 of your hard earned money. They don't deserve this.

Tyler - Can you tell us the part number of the display cable. Apple does not list it as a replaceable part in the parts listing I manage to see.

Dan, unfortunately I don't know the exact part number as it was fixed by the tech. I don't want to give you wrong info. I think it used to be called LVDS cable in previous models. Mine is 13'' Macbook Pro 2016. I suspect Apple didn't list it because they wanted everyone to replace the LCD.

I still think this is a design flaw as I've seen other reports of this exact issue in other blog sites in both the 13" & 15" Touch Bar systems.

As to the parts... Apple over the years has been cutting down the number of SKU's they carry for service. Sometimes when a part like a cable tends to be needed as a spare they will add it. So far you can only get the cable as part of the display assembly in both the 13" & 15" Touch Bar systems.

FYI - Apple uses a different signaling method call iDP (internal Display Port) in the Retina models LVDS is used in the lower resolution displays as in the Unibody and Air systems and older.

If you do find out please let us know - Thanks for your follow up!

This is without a doubt a design flaw. Like you said, I've also seen multiple people with these new Touch Bar Macbooks reporting the same issue online, most of them occurring shortly after the warranty was over. I always handle my Macbook with the greatest care and the majority of time it's in my travel bag. I've never ever tried to bend the screen. The tech told me the display cable he found inside was partially ripped. How could that happen I would never know. It's a pity I forgot to ask him to take a picture.

Nobody should be paying Apple $600 to fix a design flaw they had created themselves - they should be paying us instead! What !#^& me off was how Apple Authorized Service Providers were instructed to lie to their customers and insisted on replacing the entire display assembly despite knowing fully well what the problem was. That is borderline scamming. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these Macbooks popping up soon. I hope others will be able to find this post.



Same issue on a MacBook Pro 2017 15'', but I've spilled 1 drop of cleaning liquid in the bottom of the screen.

It started hissing. Had a white spot at the bottom of the screen, it disappeared after 12 hours. The 9 shadows however probably won't fix themselves.

Went to Apple and to other 2 repairs, they told me I have to replace the screen. Will cost about $900 USD, either at apple or at other repairs.

I mentioned about the possible cable failure, everyone denied it, said the problem is in the screen, none of them even got to check the actual hardware, they just looked at it.

I think I'll just keep it like this and wait till some other hardware issue pops up.

Block Image

Ley me know if anyone found a solution.

Update: Right speaker is gone too. The liquid drop was on the left part of the mac.


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Sadly you're caught here as Apple will use the spill to void your extended warranty if they have one for this.

same issue happened to my macbook pro 2016 touchbar , i hope that apple will recall all the macbook 2016 - 2017 for this type of issue.

sign this petition. this is a common issue, hope apple open their eyes and provide a repair extension. https://www.change.org/p/apple-fix-all-m...


Guys, I have the same problem! I contact Apple here in Brazil and they gave me the same answer: it is not possible to do a free repair because my MacBook is out of the warranty time. I am very angry with this situation and I am with contact with Specialised Support to find out if they can solve my problem. The guy who helped me said it's VERY IMPORTANT and HE STRONGLY RECOMMEND for everyone who had the same problem to send it to Apple through the link https://www.apple.com/feedback/ . They need to know that the number os cases increases everyday and it's NOT a isolated case!


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Ok update now. I took it to Apple in Florida. They opened it and changed the cable. The problem persists, so they said they needed to change the display at a cost of USD 600. I brought it back to Uruguay and now they say it will cost me USD 750 and up to USD 850 to change it. A total disgrace. I am still using it connected to an external display and won’t do anything. Will probably go back to a Windows laptop and keep the MacBook as desktop. Pff.


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Looks like many have the same problem.

And here is what’s happening “FLEXGATE”: https://ifixit.org/blog/12903/flexgate/


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And here is the petition: https://www.change.org/p/apple-fix-all-m...


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