The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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USB connection problem with iPhone

Hi everybody,

I have a MacBook Air Early 2015 and an iPhone 5s.

When I plug my iPhone into system my iPhone oscillates connecting and disconnecting rapidly.

I did almost everything: changed the cable, cleaned the dock, SMC, NVRAM reset, iTunes reinstall, iPhone's hard reset and restore privacy settings, even did a clean Mac OS install but nothing changes.

With pen drives, MIDI controllers etc... the USB works properly, and it does with my iPhone if I do not log-in into my Mac, just turning it on and plug the USB in. In that case there is no disconnect/reconnect cycling problem. But, immediately after I log-in it starts up.

I was in two different Apple Service and they said that is something software problem and possibly, a clean Mac reinstall solves it. It did not solved it! I tried to connect my iPhone into other notebooks, there were no problem.

Any idea? (Sorry for my poor English...) And yes, the cable is original.

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What is the MacOS version you are running presently and did you have any issues with your system before? Did it get wet or have something spilled into it?

Also, is the cable you are now using an original Apple cable? Some third-party ones don't allow enough power through and therefore demonstrate this problem.

Thanks for the answers!

I am running MacOS High Sierra at the moment, but before the update, Sierra did the same thing... I have no other issues before and Mac never got any wet.

The cable is absolutely original, I tried a few other cables too, and bought a new one just because of that symptom. I read a lot about that problem on the internet, many other users all around the World has the same problem but no one has the solution. (not just with iPhones, some iPads do the same thing...)

Now here I am: I found a guy, who had the same problem 2 years before. He said that nothing helped him but then he bought a non-Apple lightning cable (ISY IUC-500 type) and it solved everything. I am a little bit skeptic and don't know yet where can I buy that cable but I think it is worth a try.

I would find it hard to believe a 3rd party cable would be better than an Apple cable (both being new). The length of the cable could be a factor as an example an overly long cable or one which has a USB extension would have a voltage drop which could explain why your iPhone is having problems as your system is on the edge.



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At this point I’m suspecting the system has a USB power issue. These are getting hard to find but I think it’s what you need to test things out: USB Charger Doctor - Current & Voltage Charging Detector as well as Battery Voltmeter & Ammeter. With it you should be able to compare the current draw on a second working system (ideally another MacBook Air of the same series) and yours to see if the voltage and/or current draw is the issue. You might want to also try a second iPhone (again the same series would be best comparison).


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Yeah, I agree that. I have the same opinion, and I said that to the service 2-3 weeks before... But they answered that it can be just a software problem... Shameful...

I had the same problem with my previous macbook air.

Now i lost my old macbook air and got a new one 2 weeks ago, same problem exist. not just my iphone, but also my wife's iphone. Hence, i strongly believe it's the problem of macbook airs.

by the way, i don't buy cables except from apple authorised reseller, i'm certain they're not 3rd party..

previously when i went to the service centre, they say it might be the USB port on my macbook air had wear & tear effect, & repair would cost a lot. But now this new one i bought having the same problem, i am sure it's a problem of macbook air... can anyone in apple try to address this issue and fix this?

furoice88 - Is this a brand new, refurb'ed or used system?

Apple does not officially monitor this site so asking Apple for help here won't help you.

The best you can do is bring the MacBook Air back to where you bought it with your iPhone's and cables to show them.

Frankly I would do some tests using the USB Charger Doctor I pointed out above before going.


I was able to fix the issue by restarting the USB service.

sudo killall -STOP -c usbd


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Thanks, I hope this will be helpful for peoples who are on the same boat. Unfortunately I sold my MBA, so I can't try it. :(

Great solution!

Thanks, Man!! Finally got it working.


I had the same problem. The problem is caused by cache and directory issues with the startup disk. BOOTING IN SAFE MODE SOLVED IT. Boot in safe mode (hold down shift key immediately you power the macbook, keep holding it until you see the login screen). To confirm that you are in safe mode (safe mode should be written in red at the top right corner of the login screen). Login, plug in your iphone and the problem is solved. To confirm that the problem is solved, leave safe mode by just restarting the macbook normally (without holding shift). Sorry for the late response. THIS IS A 100% FIX


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You save my life

I can not solved my problem. When i restart my Macbook, problem is not solved. :(


I have the same problem. Do you have installed/use Parallels or any other virtualization software on your mac? I think the problem might be related with the virtualization SW...


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